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Luxurious Lavender Liquid Soaps

Posted by Kim Brown on

One of my favorite products is our sweetly scented lavender liquid Hand Soap and Body Wash.

Its sweet floral aroma begins with our own certified organic* pure Lavender essential oil, then blended with herbal infusions of rose geramium, comfrey root, strawberry leaf, calendula blossoms, chamomile flowers, along with a hint of sweet orange, red mandarin, cedar atlas, rosemary verbenone, and grapefruit seed. This results in a harmonious fragrant bouquet.

A small squirt goes a long way with its concentrated formula. I use a pea-sized amount to wash my face daily. Just this tiny dollop creates a generous soapy lather. Hence, our compact sizes of 4 oz. Hand Soap and 8 oz. Body Wash last me much longer than larger industrial brand liquid soaps that likely have a higher water content.

Pair our Hand Soap with Hand Lotion, or Body Wash with SYL's Body Lotion as a treat for your skin, or gift for friends or family. Can be ordered with pump or press-top cap (pictured).

Santa Ynez Lavender's bath & beauty products are all scented with our signature 100% pure Lavender essential oil, certified organic* by CCOF, that is grown, hand-harvested and hand-distilled onsite at our Santa Ynez Valley, California, farm.

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