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Our Dream


Santa Ynez Lavender Company is my ode to a better life.
It is my symbol to the world that the dreams we aspire to can come true.
-- Kim Brown, Founder and CEO of Santa Ynez Lavender



Our Farm

Santa Ynez Lavender was established in the heart of Santa Barbara County in 1998. What began as a seasonal experiment with 1500 plants has now grown into a passion and lifestyle for the Baker-Brown family. Today, our farm encompasses approximately 30 acres of world-class, estate grown lavender across Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo. The same values that drew us from Los Angeles to Santa Ynez in 1996 are reflected in all of our products; we believe that when you cut through the noise and chaos present in so many aspects of life, the best things are authentic and simple. From our field to your hands, our lavender embodies the best of the Santa Barbara lifestyle.

Our Process

From the beginning, our farm has been an exciting project involving our whole family. Each step in getting our lavender from our fields to your hands is a collaborative, family activity.

Our process starts with nurturing our plants using CCOF certified organic methods. The plants burst into full bloom and are typically ready for harvest in July and August. Harvest involves early mornings with the family and our team in the fields. The lavender stems are cut off of the plants, and then brought down the hill to the barn in a wheelbarrow. From there, batches of fresh stems are put directly into the distilling pot. Each bath takes about 5 hours, and produces the pure oil that forms the base for most of our products.

 From there, the pure oil is either funneled into individual bottles or mixed with our organic soap, lotion or sea salt base to form the products you know and love. From early mornings harvesting the crop, to distilling in our barn, bottling soaps and lotions at the kitchen table and hand delivering products to local markets, our process embodies what we love most about our lives in Santa Ynez. Being in nature, the clarity that comes from working with your hands in the earth, valuable time spent with family and connecting with the local community. We believe these are the best things in life and what we strive to share with you through our products.

Our Founder

For over 20 years Kimberly Brown and Santa Ynez Lavender have set the standard for farm to skin lavender oil based products in Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara - capturing the essence of the Santa Ynez lifestyle: understated, elegant, relaxed and natural.