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“Lavender’s healing properties have been tested throughout the ages. There are so many great uses for lavender besides just smelling great.” - Kim Brown, Founder


I have been using the Body Lotion from Santa Ynez Lavender for about 3 years now. It is the only lavender lotion I keep coming back to and it's my favorite part of my bedtime routine. 

Lauren Dailey, Blogger + Business Coach

The Hand Lotion has made my skin feel incredibly smooth and refreshed. I love the aroma and it's calming abilities!

Joseph Scrofani, Lab Technician + Healer

Essential oils are an essential part of the daily routine so I was thrilled when I discovered Santa Ynez Lavender lotion with organic lavender oil. It smells so good and leaves my hands feeling so soft. My toddler and I love putting it on before bed.

Jonilyn Brown, Mindfulness Coach