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Lavender Bath & Body Oil versatile uses

Posted by Kim Brown on
Lavender Bath & Body Oil versatile uses

Naturally pure, SYL's Bath & Body Oil is 77% organic. It is a blend of organic High-Oleic Safflower Oil and oils of Sesame, Avocado & Jojoba Seed, Rice Bran & Wheat Germ, *Certified Organic Lavender Oil, Vitamin E, antioxidants of Sage & Rosemary.

Santa Ynez Lavender's Bath & Body oil is best used straight after a shower or bath when your skin is still damp to lock in moisture. Apply directly onto skin to soften and perfume with our signature certified Organic 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil. The lavender fragrance subtly radiates for hours, releasing its enticing, calming aroma. 

Use as a tub water additive. Two droppersful while drawing a bath for a more silky feel with a bouquet of lavender scent.

It's great as a scented massage oil. Can be used in place of lotion anytime as its clarified blend absorbs quickly producing a smooth, never-greasy, finish.

Great for taming frizzy hair. Use a few drops daily to keep hair smooth, or a more generous amount as a weekly treatment for hair and scalp.

Bottled in beautiful 4 oz. amber glass to preserve its formula to a just-mixed freshness, and comes with handy glass dropper.


**CCOF certified organic

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