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Whole Foods-Santa Barbara Showcases SYL

Posted by Kim Brown on

Very exciting news... Whole Foods in Santa Barbara, CA, is now carrying Santa Ynez Lavender's bath & body products.

Featured are SYL's pure 100% organic Lavender essential oil, hand soap, body wash, hand lotion, body lotion, bath salts and lavender sachets.

Our lavender is locally farmed, hand-harvested and hand-distilled in California's Santa Ynez Valley.

Learn what is unique about Lavender oil. Its unequaled natural medicinal properties are known to stimulate and supplement the body's healing forces. It is unmatched by modern pharmaceuticals or other aromatic plants. Myriad uses include itch and pain relief, dry skin, congestion, inflammation and deep relaxation, to name just a few. It can simply be used as a scent or to brighten dull hair and complexion. Lavender soothes the sting of insect bites and acts as a repellant. It is safe to use on small children to the elderly, as well as pets and livestock. Naturally antiseptic and antimicrobial, it can be used for body and domicile. Its signature fragrance is hallmark in all forms, be it oil, dried florets or live plants.

Find us in the Whole Body dept. at

Whole Foods Market, 3761 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105; 805-837-6959

Open daily, 8 am to 10 pm

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