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SYL Launch at Plum Goods, downtown Santa Barbara

Posted by Kim Brown on

We're thrilled to be included in the inspired wares at Plum Goods. This trend-setting handcrafted, fair trade, upcycled and eco-chic store should be on every local's favorite list. With such unique items, this boutique is great for gifts and, better-yet, for treasures for your own abode.

Featured at Plum Goods are organic dried lavender bunches. Their fragrance and color delineates the difference of hand-picked bouquets from our fields that are barn dried onsite the old-fashioned way with no heat processing. I recently ran across some dried bouquets at another nearby shop and was astonished that they had little or no scent at all!

A quick sniff of our Lavender sachets (in unbleached 100% cotton muslin bags, made in the USA) and bottled Potpourri further defines our handmade rarified approach. Both of these items are filled with our aromatic hand-dried, certified organic lavender... soothing the mind and soul.

Also highlighted at Plum Goods is our pure lavender oil-100% organic. Inside each box is a handy Lavender First Aid pamphlet that references some uses and specific application of our signature product. SYL's lavender oil is distinctive in scent and purity wholly because of our intimate production (organically grown, hand-harvested, distilled onsite in small batches with absolutely no chemical processing). 

Lastly, two of our most popular items that showcase our organic essential oil of lavender: Body Lotion as well as Bath Salts (made with organic New Zealand salts) are offered as well.

Next time you're in the market for a truly unique gifts that are handcrafted, inspired and just-plain-interesting, check out Plum Goods at 909 State Street (near Canon Perdido) in Santa Barbara CA. You'll see our lavender products and a whole lot more!

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