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SYL Showcased at Whole Foods-Woodland Hills

Posted by Kim Brown on

Santa Ynez Lavender proudly added to Whole Body department at Whole Foods Market, Woodland Hills CA.

A full compliment of SYL's products are now retailed in the valley store including pure 100% organic Lavender essential oil, hand soap, body wash, hand lotion, body lotion, bath salts, lavender sachets and lavender potpourri.

"We're so excited to launch in Woodland Hills," says Kimberly Brown, farmer and owner of Santa Ynez Lavender Company. SYL bath & beauty products are now available to customers outside Santa Barbara County. We're reaching out farther with this new retail partner, but our local handmade approach will remain the same. Organically grown, hand-harvested, barn dried and steam distilled on-site with no chemicals or heat processing results in SYL lavender oil's signature fragrance. Then, it is added to our soaps, lotions and salts lending the same unique scent.

Find SYL in the Whole Body department at

Whole Foods Market, 21347 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills CA 91364; 818-610-0000

Open daily, 7 am to 10 pm

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